Championing Freedom:

An Interfaith Initiative to End Slavery in Mauritania

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Send a free instant message about Mauritanian slavery to U.S. and world leaders by Clicking Here.  This will take just a few seconds, but have a huge impact.

By clicking the link above you can help fight brutal slavery in Mauritania, where the U.S., France and other foreign governments provide the government with military aid.

Most people around the globe think slavery is a horror of the past.  But over 340,000 slaves, at least 10% of the total population, are kept in horrible conditions in the West African nation of Mauritania.  This is similar to the percentage of slaves held in the United States on the eve of the Civil War in 1860.

Slaves in Mauritania are frequently beaten, raped or sold away from their families.  In fact, many Mauritanian slaveholders purposefully separate children from parents and husbands from wives -- so that slaves will remain trapped, vulnerable and alone without family connections.  The horrors of Mauritanian slavery arewell documented, yet the government denies it exists.